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We Gather, We Worship, GOD FiLLS


Our Vision is to gather the people together, lead them to the well that never runs dry, Jesus; so that God can fill them with His spirit. God desires to fill your well with His Holy Spirit. Therefore We Gather, We Worship, God Fills. Scripture reference:

Numbers 21:16And from thence they went to Beer: that is the well whereof the Lord spake unto Moses, Gather the people together, and I will give them water.”

Present Jesus to all


Our Mission is to Present Jesus to all through worship, word and prayer. To be vessels that God can work through to fulfill this work in the earth, by preaching and teaching the truth and by providing a place for worship. This is done through Worship, Word, Prayer. The Mission is the plan constructed to follow the charge of God, so that His vision can come to pass.


Pamela Bynum

Lead Pastor

Pamela Bynum is a vessel shaped as an Apostle, Wife, Mom, and Computer Science professional depending on how the Lord is using her at the time. With Christ being the center of all she does, her mandate by the Lord is to identify and fill empty wells. Also a lover of sports and food, she is a great friend and an amazing prayer warrior. You can find her encouraging other leaders of churches that she has helped establish, on her knees or at a computer creatively building and designing for the Kingdom. 



Mike Klump

Apostle // Directional Leadership

https://greaterimpactchurch.org/Apostle Mike Klump is the Lead Pastor and Founder of Greater IMPACT Church. He serves as a member of our Directional Leadership Team and he has been essential to our growth, casting vision as God reveals, ensuring that we remain obedient to the call and the will of GOD. When he speaks, you can tell that he has spent time sitting in the presence of our Lord. One might say he has an old soul, but we have come to know him as a powerful, anointed man of GOD who has been released to speak with great authority, impacting the world for the Kingdom of GOD, with the word of GOD. Apostle Mike has partnered with us to help lead others in fulfilling their assignment for the Lord. Apostle Mike is married to the beautiful Laura Klump, who serves in ministry with him as the Operations Pastor at Greater Impact Church.


Clinton Carroll


Prophet Clinton respectfully known as ‘Uncle Teddy’ serves as a mentor to the Teen Boys and has been a wealth of wisdom when it comes to illustrating the Word of God with clarity. Prophet Clinton played a key role in the creative and technical vision of The SiNGWeLL serving in what is now known as the Directional Leadership Team. He is a skilled Artist, Gamer, Poet and a Writer, using his gifts and talents as a powerful tool of evangelism. He has a big smile, and a big heart filled with the Joy of Life. He’s a Husband to Jess, a dad to Little Teddy, with another little one on the way.

John 17:22

We are ONE

And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:

Establish Wells Everywhere


The Charge is to establish wells everywhere. 

This well shall be a place where people can gather to worship iN Spirit and iN Truth. Wells are everywhere and God desires to fill every well, every person with His Holy Spirit. No More empty well experiences. There shall be a great outpouring of His Holy Spirit to fill each well. Some wells have been stopped. Some wells are empty, and some wells are dry. While other wells have yet to be established. The Spirit of God is contiguous to your well, to fill you. Put down your bucket and become the well. Allow the Lord to establish a well on the inside of you.


Anita Mckaney


Evangelist Anita Mckaney, founder of Wifestyle Image Network (WIN), a Titus 2 Ministry here @TheSiNGWeLL Church. Anita serves as a member of the Directional Leadership Team. Her presence here goes far beyond her title and her contribution to TheSiNGWeLL is pastoral in nature. She is a prayer warrior, a woman with a sword, an effective bible teacher and a true ambassador for Christ. She has a heart for discipleship and she embodies the vision of “Winning Souls and Winning Marriages”, which is the vision of Wifestyle Image Network. You only need about a minute in her presence to know that Anita loves Jesus. She is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and a maker of disciple-makers. She is an author, mom of two, and a wife of Maurice and together they mentor and minister others through their blog Walking Together Towards God.

LaVern Turner

LaVern Turner


Evangelist LaVern Turner is a Faith Walker! She is the Founder of Faith Walkers Deliverance Ministry. This woman of God is walking in obedience as the spiritual leader and disciple maker of this powerful ministry. Each year she faithfully organizes an Annual Women’s Retreat at the water. Designed to cultivate a space for the Power of the Holy Spirit to freely move. This ministry has helped to shape and develop others to step out the boat with confidence in Jesus, walking by faith in areas that others drown in. Evangelist LaVern is one of our newest Bible Study Leaders and is in the process of developing a course to help others mature in their walk with the Lord.


Ouicia Jolly

Prophetess // Apostle Elect

Ouicia Jolly is the founder of Word of Truth in Christ Ministry. Her faith demonstrates that GOD is with her, guiding her, leading her, speaking to her and through her to minister the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ. She houses the Word of God, with a heart of an Evangelist, clothed as a Prophetess, walking as an Apostle, but still able to function as Mother, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, and friend all at the same time. Ouicia is a willing vessel leading others to the wells of salvation through daily services that provide worship, word, and prayer. God is using her to build up the people of God, His church. She follows the leading of the Holy Spirit with precision and is filled to the place of overflow on a regular basis. This says a lot about the time she spends getting refreshed and refilled to stay in a posture of worship as unto the Lord. There are min-is-tries coming forth and so much more. We are excited to oversee Word of Truth and to affirm the Apostolic call on her life.

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